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Googly Eye Purse

December 17th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Googly Eye PurseHere’s an entertaining way to transform a purse or other accessory: Cover it with googly eyes.

The basic idea comes from Crafty Crafty, and although no instructions are provided the method seems pretty straightforward: 1) Get a bunch of googly eyes. 2) Glue ’em on.

I like the varying eye sizes on the purse; it adds a bit of textural interest.

You could do this with other kinds of eyes, too. There are many varieties of plastic eyes meant for dolls or stuffed animals, in all kinds of colors (like the creepy red ones I use in my zombie frogs). Some types have a plastic stem on the back, but they’re easily removed with wire cutters.

It’d be fun to cover a clutch with malevolently staring eyes. Tell people it’s where you keep your Mad Money. (:::snort, guffaw:::)

(via Evil Mad Scientist Labs)

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