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The Goth Gift Guide

December 3rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

Santa SkullsThe holidays are coming! Everybody duck!

If you’ve got someone with morbid tendencies on your gift list and would like to branch out beyond “it’s got a bat on it, wrap it up” approach to gift-giving, here are a few ideas for dark yet tasteful items.

Absinthe and its related paraphernalia is always welcome, if only for the ambiance. I previously blogged about purchasing the real deal here, although since restrictions in the U.S. have recently been relaxed it might now be possible to buy it from domestic vendors. Spoons, glasses, and accessory “starter kits” are all pretty easy to find, and there’s even a brewing kit for making your own. You could also give a framed vintage poster, one of the many history books, or Absinthe-scented shaving cream or perfume.

Jewelry is another good option. Over at Coffin Gems, artist Mordaunte offers semiprecious stones cut like toe-pincher coffins. She has a wide variety of items for both men and women, and I like the subtlety of the designs; you don’t really notice that they’re coffins until you look closely. Pushin’ Daisies also has some nice-quality items, including skull cufflinks and crossbone buttons. A particularly nice item, especially for those interested in Victoriana, is jewelry made of Whitby jet. The Whitby Jet Heritage Center and Whitby Jet Jewellery (sic) both have some lovely pieces.

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