The Art of Darkness

Amazing Spooky Miniatures

December 18th, 2008 by Cobwebs

CauldronThe work that MiniMotion does is absolutely mind-blowing. They create intricate miniatures and shadowboxes with unbelievable detail, many of which are animated: There’s a little witch stirring a cauldron, a teeny trapped fairy fluttering inside a bell jar, and an armoire with a magic mirror.

They also have a “how-to” section, explaining how to make your own custom staircases and haunted trees, plus an extensive links page for the miniature enthusiast.

If you’re interested in creating spooky vignettes of your own, this site is a fantastic source of inspiration. (Assuming it doesn’t make you feel really inadequate.) I’m quite impressed with all of the little details, and love the whimsy in so many of the scenes. Do go take a look, if only to drool.

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