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Yet Another Link Dump

December 12th, 2008 by Cobwebs

More randomness from the depths of my Drafts folder. It’s a pity I can’t harness my blog-cleaning energies and turn them to housework.

But First, an Important Announcement:
If you’re a crafter in the U.S. and you sell your work, go here and read about what you can do to stop a proposed law that would essentially make it illegal to sell handmade crafts. Zoiks.

Now on to the random links….

Real Monsters – Mental Floss takes a look at the science behind some of the legends.

Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken. A gallery of some of the more “convincing” ghost photos. Some of them–particularly the older images–look more like sundogs or double exposures, and I wonder if they’d still be considered good examples of ghost photos if they didn’t have the patina of legend surrounding them. (In particular the alleged image of Lord Combermere makes me wonder: It looks like a double exposure, and the only evidence that it isn’t is the family’s word that it isn’t.) Still, creepy.

Blue Q – Offers merchandise with entertaining titles like “Evil Twin” gum and “Instant Rehab” breath spray.

Despair, Inc. – The source for “demotivational” posters and all sorts of other items like calendars and “Despairwear.”

Alien Loves Predator – One of my favorite Webcomics has revived itself after a long absence. Best to start at the beginning.

Chocolate Larvae – Japanese candy shaped to look like grubs. Yum! Or, um, not.

Ugly Overload – The antidote to Cute Overload. Everything featured here is hairy, possesses too many eyes, or has really unfortunate feeding habits. Yay, vampire squid!

Day of the Dead Crafts – New book featuring instructions for making a variety of Dia de los Muertos crafts, including calaveras and jewelry.

Gorey Details – Online shop featuring all sorts of Edward Gorey-themed merchandise.

Spaghetti Cake – I need to make this for somebody’s birthday.

Barbie of the Undead – Photos (but no text instructions) detailing the process of turning a Barbie doll into a zombie. I like the partially-rotted face with the jawbone peeking through.

Just in time for the holidays: Bid on a chance to have a newly-discovered bat species named after you or a loved one.

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