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Furry Monster Wreath

December 11th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Monster WreathCraftster user callakat made this adorable wreath out of fake fur and ping-pong balls. She originally made it for Halloween, but obviously it’d be wonderful as a Christmas decoration too (particularly with green fur and red eyeballs).

She’s kindly posted a tutorial, which actually looks fairly easy. The wreath is really just a big ring-shaped pillow, and it doesn’t even require any sewing; she hot-glued the whole thing together.

Since the eyeballs are just drawn on with marker, you could give it slitted cat eyes instead. It could also be embellished with teeth, eyebrows, spider legs, or whatever else amuses you. Be sure to check the comments too; other Crafster members made suggestions and/or posted photos of their own creations. There’s all kinds of inspiration to be had.

I love this wreath. I want to hug it.

(via ThreadBanger)

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