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September 28th, 2007 by Cobwebs

…or does “Mansinthe” sound like a porn title?

Whatever. Marilyn Manson has just tried to turn his Goth Volume up to 11 by releasing his own brand of absinthe. Spooooky.

Since the stuff is made the traditional way with wormwood, it’s banned in the U.S., so all of the “where to buy” links are for overseas vendors. Incidentally, it’s also technically illegal to import real absinthe from overseas vendors, although if you’re buying just a bottle or two customs will generally turn a blind eye.

I can personally vouch for Spiritscorner’s product and service; I bought my sister the bohemian Art History professor some absinthe from them a couple of years ago for her birthday. They were fast, efficient, and surprisingly cheap; even with overseas shipping I was able to get her some quality absinthe, a traditional glass, and one of those neat perforated spoons for about the same price that a bottle of non-wormwood “Absente” cost in the states.

Frankly, though, if you’re going to go to the trouble of buying something overseas and having it shipped, forget the “Mansinthe” (ew) and look at some of the many other brands which may offer better quality and value. I’m afraid I can’t offer you recommendations, because the stuff is licorice flavored, and I’d be more likely to drink bat urine.

(Also? Wormwood is banned for a reason, kids. Too much can make you mighty sick. Don’t go blamin’ your Auntie Cobwebs if you go and drink something illegal.)

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