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Flaming Cupcakes

August 2nd, 2012 by Cobwebs

Torch CupcakesThere are all kinds of Olympic-inspired arts and crafts buzzing around the Web right now, including these lemony Olympic Torch Cupcakes over at

Even if you’re less-than-enthralled by the Olympics, the same general idea could easily be turned to darker ends.* The “torches” could be used as-is for a Game of Thrones viewing party or similar event. The sugar shards could also be used as flames around regular cupcakes to make “witch’s cauldrons:” Ice the sides with black and the tops with green, and decorate the tops with gummi worms or other “brew” ingredients.

It might also be fun to bake the cupcakes in an egg-shaped pan and then use the yellow icing and sugar flames to make Harry Potter-esque “phoenix eggs.”

(via CRAFT)


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