The Art of Darkness


August 13th, 2012 by Cobwebs

SpeyederI ran across this on Pinterest and originally thought it was a brooch. It’s not–it’s a painting by deviantART member reality-must-die–but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be.

Eyes for taxidermy and crafting are available in a huge variety of styles from places like Van Dyke’s,, and GlassEyesOnline. If you want to be particularly faithful to the painting you can find glass eyes complete with veining, but you could also choose reptile, cat, bird, or even fish eyes instead.

You can find spider-shaped bases for brooches, rings, and other items at jewelry-making supply shops, but it’d be just about as easy to find a cheap premade brooch like this one, pop off the existing “gem,” and substitute your eyeball of choice.

If you prefer to make the whole spider from scratch, google “beaded spider tutorial” to find a zillion ideas for making spider jewelry: Instructables, and Shawkl, and Reverie & Revival all have nice examples, and Beading Gem has a roundup.

You could make one large one as a “statement” accessory, or run a whole bunch of little ones along a hat brim or around your collar. The eyeball adds a whole ‘nother layer of creepiness.

(via Maven)

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