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Frankenweenie Unleashed

August 28th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Everyone is probably abundantly aware that Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie is due out in early October. There’s also a soundtrack of music from the movie, which will be released September 25. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocalist Karen O contributed “Strange Love,” which will play over the end credits.

Tim wanted an unconventional unconditional love song. My music inspiration came out of the same era of B-movie fright film references, sprinkled throughout the film. I went in the direction of exotica and calypso stylistically, because it’s quirky, good vibes music of that era and when you throw in a theramin solo it’s a marriage made in heaven. I remember Beetlejuice introducing me to the genius of Harry Belafonte’s calypso record so I wanted to give a nod to that too.

Here’s 30 seconds of the song. You can listen to the entire thing at Pitchfork.

(via io9)

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