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Trivia Tuesday

August 7th, 2012 by Cobwebs

(No prizes, but if you can answer them all without googling you get bragging rights.)

  1. Most Bella Morte concerts feature a cover of what popular love song?
    A) The Power of Love
    B) Eternal Flame
    C) Only You
    D) Kiss From a Rose
    E) My Heart Will Go On
  2. In this 2002 video game-inspired flick starring Milla Jovovich, a virus has escaped in a secret facility called The Hive, turning the staff into hungry zombies and releasing the mutated lab “Animals” that they were studying.
  3. “The Bride of Corinth” is a macabre tale of a young woman who returns from the grave to find a husband. Who wrote this classically-inspired poem?
    A) William Wordsworth
    B) Edgar Allan Poe
    C) Charles Baudelaire
    D) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    E) Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  4. What is the name of Neville Longbottom’s pet toad?
  5. The name of Lon Chaney, Jr.’s character in the 1941 movie The Wolf Man has become a sort of in-joke in movies and TV, often applied to someone with werewolfish tendencies. What is it?
    A) Daniel Niemann
    B) Larry Talbot
    C) Wilbur Grey
    D) Tony Conliffe
    E) Frank Mannering
  6. The word “poltergeist” is German, and literally means what?
  7. Before forming The Cult with Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy played guitar for which band?
    A) Theatre of Hate
    B) Flesh for Lulu
    C) The Cramps
    D) Adam And The Ants
    E)The Bolshoi
  8. This line is from what movie? “I met this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes, the Devil’s eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… evil.” (Bonus point if you can name the character who said it.)
  9. The Kitsune is a magical Japanese creature which is technically a were-human, since its normal form is that of an animal. What kind of animal is it?
    A) Badger
    B) Horse
    C) Fox
    D) Cat
    E) Owl
  10. What is the name of the hotel in The Shining?

(Answers below the fold)

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