The Art of Darkness

Ruby Gloom

August 16th, 2012 by Cobwebs

I’m a mere six years late to the party on this–the series originally aired in 2006–but Shadowboy just discovered it whilst channel-surfing. Blame my eight-year-old for not being more timely.

Ruby Gloom is a little girl who always sees “the bright side of the dark side.” She’s got a pet cat named Doom Kitty and is friends with a huge-eyed cyclops named Iris (whose name makes me very happy), a skeleton named Skull Boy, and a walking disaster area named Misery. Minor characters include the raven trio Edgar, Allan, and Poe, and a ghost named Boo Boo. They all have sitcom-esque adventures which are perfect for baby bats. It’s cute.

Here’s the first episode:

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