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Cadbury Screme Eggs

August 27th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Screme Egg:::jumping up and down excitedly:::

I just found out these things exist and if they don’t come to the US this year I will just plotz.

Most people are probably familiar with the Cadbury Creme Eggs that pop up like mushrooms around Easter. Last year Cadbury introduced a Halloween version: Same flavor, but with a bilious green yolk. As nearly as I can tell they were a UK-only thing, but I would be very interested indeed if they were more widespread this year.

The US Amazon site has a listing for the eggs, but the page just invites you to sign up to be alerted if they become available (UK Amazon has a similar listing but only for a whole box).

If you’re desperate to have some, a few online retailers appear to stock them: Cadbury Gifts Direct in the UK offers a gift box of 24, and Metro Candy in the US sells a box 0f 48. A US-based purveyor of British food called Jolly Grub also sells them in packs of 3. (I couldn’t immediately find an online source for the eggs elsewhere, although Metro Candy ships via UPS so they may sell worldwide.)

The eggs also have their own official Facebook page, so you can keep track of their availability that way.

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