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Zombie Experience Days

May 3rd, 2012 by Cobwebs

Zombie MallUK company Wish specializes in “life-changing experience days,” ranging from driving an Aston Martin to hand-feeding lions. One of the offerings in their Adrenaline category is a chance to battle zombies.

Thanks to video gaming technology, there is an entire generation whose happiest childhood memories revolve around the wholesale execution of hordes of shuffling, groaning, bitetastic Undead.

We at Wish like to make even the goriest dreams come true, and with our mega-popular Zombie Experiences, guilt-free slaughter has never felt so good.

They offer three levels of zombie-battling adventures: An assault on a “known zombie lair” (zombies have lairs?), clearing a manor house and its grounds of the walking dead, or–the most elaborate and expensive–fighting hordes of zombies in an abandoned shopping mall.

It’s interesting how zombies, more than any other popular monster, seem to have spawned an entire industry of LARP-type adventuring: The zombie survival training course and Run for Your Lives charity event spring to mind as well.*

Anyway, if you’re in the UK or planning a vacation, this looks like a fun excursion. Rumor has it that Simon Pegg is going to do the mall experience when he has a chance.

(via io9)

*This makes me just a touch bitter, since I’ve never found zombies to be particularly interesting. Where are the Innsmouth raids and the werewolf-tracking classes, dammit?

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