The Art of Darkness


May 9th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Bat Under GlassWell this is just all kinds of neat. Intrepid reader Fiend4Halloween pointed me to Necromance, a store that’s a mixture of a biologist’s wunderkammer and your crazy aunt’s attic.

They have some lovely stuff, quite reasonably priced, ranging from freeze-dried bats to black lace parasols. They offer quite a variety of animal bits, including things like beetle elytra (about halfway down the page) which are useful for art projects or jewelrymaking but are sometimes difficult to find. (They unfortunately won’t ship natural items overseas due to customs restrictions, but they’ve also got plenty of reproduction stuff like skulls.)

They also offer useful items like bell jars and taxidermy eyeballs, plus medical oddities like reproduction trephines and sets of animal X-rays; the X-rays in particular would look great framed and massed on a wall. Their idea of home decor includes things like vintage skeleton keys and decorative tiles featuring anatomical drawings of hearts, so they’re definitely our kind of people.

For those lucky enough to live in Southern California, they have a brick-and-mortar location on Melrose in LA. From the looks of the store photos on their site, they have loads of other stuff that isn’t available online; it would be easy to spend hours–not to mention a hell of a lot of cash–poking around in their collection.

Lots of very cool stuff; definitely worth a look.

(Thanks, Fiend4Halloween!)

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