The Art of Darkness


May 31st, 2012 by Cobwebs


Werepups is an adoption agency for orphaned Lycanthropes. When werewolf hunters kill the parents, dens of their helpless offspring are often left to starve. That’s when Werepups steps in, to “find loving homes for orphaned Lycanthrope babies, preserve the species, and eliminate the need for human blood in the diet.”

Artist Asia Eriksen’s original line of werewolf babies were hand-painted 11″ poseable latex dolls. The dolls inspired a movie, and her work to create more realistic “pups” for the film led her to offer similar life-size silicone dolls with hand-rooted hair. They are really adorably creepy.

Each doll comes with an adoption certificate and an “emergency silver bullet,” which is a nice touch. The artist also offers many customization options as part of the base price; at $70 for the painted latex and $500 for the furry silicone versions, it’s really not a bad deal for the werewolf-obsessed person in your life.

Additional photos are available on their Facebook page.

(Hat tip to Maven)

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