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As the Link Dump Turns

May 4th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Taxidermy Art Classes – I’ve mentioned the Morbid Anatomy site previously, but these new classes they’re offering sound fascinating.

Criminal Crafts – Edgy-looking book of craft projects. The little voodoo doll is cute.

Pixar Announces Dia de los Muertos Movie – The next project for the director of Toy Story 3 will be a movie involving the Day of the Dead.

Grand Theft Kickstarter – Amanda Palmer is seeking backing for a new album and tour.

Where’s Jason – Amusing computer wallpaper.

6 Scary Tricks that Amazed Us as Kids (Explained by Science) – Damn science, ruining everything.

Knife Typography – Lovely sentiment, pretty font, made out of knives. I like it.

Neil Gaiman Interviews Stephen King – Gaiman wrote this for the UK Sunday Times, but since it’s paywalled he also posted the “raw” version on his blog.

Anatomic Heart Teapot – Arresting–and apparently functional (in the tea-brewing sense, not the blood-pumping sense)–handmade ceramic teapot.

Make Your Own Leggings – Great tutorial on designing and sewing custom leggings.

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