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Painting the Roses Red

May 22nd, 2012 by Cobwebs

Bloody Rose CupcakesThe fabulous JoAsakura pointed me to these splendid “bloody rose” cupcakes inspired by the “painting the roses red” bit from Alice in Wonderland. There’s another photo at the artist’s deviantART page, where she notes in a comment that the roses were made of buttercream piped with a #104 tip.

Even though icing roses look complicated, they’re actually fairly straightforward to make. Wilton (which also sells the tip) has tutorials for two separate methods: Roses, made of individual petals, and Ribbon Roses, which use one long ribbon of icing. You can also find dozens of other tutorials with different techniques and different finished shapes by googling “how to make frosting roses:” This one creates a fairly detailed rose and this one results in a more impressionistic, freeform shape.

The roses in most examples are a bit more upright than the ones in the photo, so to cover an entire cupcake you’d either need to make a lot more rows of petals and thus use a lot more icing (a cupcake with more icing? The horror!) or ease the petals outward so they lie more flatly against the surface. Most tutorials also suggest the use of a rose nail, but I expect you could make ’em right on the cupcake instead.

The “blood” appears to simply be red food coloring, although it might be red with a drop or two of black mixed in to darken it a touch. (The scarlet baking cups are a nice detail, too.)

These would be a lovely addition to a party table. Instead of cupcakes you could also do a rose-covered cake, such as the one in the tutorial mentioned above, or one like Wilton’s Row of Roses.

(Thanks, JoAsakura!)

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