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The Link Dump Who Would be King

May 25th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Organ Trail – Remember the old video game Oregon Trail, where everybody tended to die of dysentery? That, but with zombies.

Bug Memorials – Teensy little art-installation “sidewalk shrines” commemorating dead insects.

Tutankhamen: The Search for an Egyptian King – Interesting “grown-up” take on the Tut burial, including lots of new information. BoingBoing has a capsule review here.

Edwardian Promenade – Site devoted to all things Edwardian.

Spider Web Garden Trellis – Interesting trellis made of salvaged barbed wire.

Steampunk – Cute little Flash-based Web game with a steampunky motif. (Hat tip to Kattie)

Chemicus – Splendid china tea set shaped like laboratory equipment.

Clown Art – A roundup of the “top 100 most disturbing” clown paintings. Don’t forget the eye bleach! (NSFW)

Urban Plant Tags – These art-installation “nursery tags” for things like stop signs and streetlights are adorable.

Evil Hot Gummi Bears – Habanero-infused gummi bears. Ostensibly imbued with their evil hotness by Beelzibear, the Antipooh.

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