The Art of Darkness


March 8th, 2007 by Cobwebs

These are cute decorations for a bedroom or to accessorize a baby-doll dress when clubbing.


  • Plastic baby doll (look in thrift stores for second-hand ones)
  • Paint that will stick to plastic
  • Doll clothes. Depending upon your craftiness level, you can make your own (there are a zillion patterns for doll clothes at fabric stores) or purchase something that will fit. Remember–black dye is your friend; if all you can find are pastels or bunny rabbits, don’t despair. Or, um, do despair, if that’s your thing.

General Method:

First, decide on a look for your dollie. Do you want a zombie? An impish demon? A possessed Linda Blair knockoff? Or just a sweet little Goth? (The doll pictured here is from a classic Night Gallery episode that is responsible for who knows how many cases of the fantods. She’s an excellent source of inspiration.)
Night Gallery Doll
Apply a base coat of paint to the face and any other parts that won’t be covered with clothes. Something pale and greenish might be nice for a zombie, and you’d probably want dark red or black for a demon; you get the idea. Take care not to get paint into the joints on arms and legs, lest they stick shut.

Once thoroughly dry, paint the details. Use a bluish-grey to draw veins all over. Give her intricate eye makeup and scarlet lips. Paint his face like an evil clown. A hint of fang is always appropriate, as are interesting tattoos.

Whilst the paint is drying, decorate the clothes. Splatter red paint on them. Give them a few judicious rips. Bedizen them with bits of lace (use a hot glue gun if you’re entirely hopeless with a needle).

Dress, and done. Easy! Don’t forget to give him or her a pretty name. If you’re feeling extra-kitschy, you can make up a nice death certificate, suitable for framing.

The Vampire Damien has similar dollies for sale under the name Broodlings. Check out his gallery for inspiration, or simply buy one of your very own.

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