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Tormented Picture Frame

July 10th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Here’s another easy project, requiring little more than a cheap picture frame and some paint. It doesn’t even require much manual dexterity, which is good, because I don’t have much.


  • A wooden picture frame. It really should be wood, because you’re going to inflict mayhem upon it with nails and/or screws. Other materials will split or break or, for all I know, explode. Wood, please.

  • Some matte black spray paint, otherwise known as the Duct Tape of the Goths.

  • Various sizes of nails, wood screws, or other fastening devices that look sort of spiky and Torquemada-inspiring. Those little tiny C clamps might be nice.

  • Acrylic paint in a contrasting color. Use blood-red to suggest, duh, blood, or maybe choose a nice bile yellow or pea-soup green.

  • Paint sealant (optional).


  1. Decide whether you want the nails/screws/implements of destruction to remain their natural metal color or if you want them to be black too. If the former, paint the frame black now and skip Step 3.

  2. Pound nails and screw um, screws haphazardly into the frame, leaving them sticking out partway. Attach whatever other hardware suits your fancy.

  3. If everything’s supposed to be black, now’s the time to spray everything. Let dry thoroughly.

  4. Spatter on the acrylic paint. An easy way to do this is to dip a brush in the paint and then flick it over the frame. Let dry.

  5. If desired, spray with a sealant. Let dry.

Insert your favorite photo of Pinhead (or, y’know, any other photo) and display with pride.

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