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Halloween Tree

December 3rd, 2007 by Cobwebs

No, not the book, although it’s a fine read. A real Halloween Tree.

I have a number of unusual Christmas-tree ornaments in the form of folk-art wooden ghosts, blown-glass spider webs, and much else; it’s surprising the ghoulish decorations you can find if you put your mind to it. Every year I joke that if I get one more gothy ornament I’m going to spray-paint the tree black and call it a day. I won’t actually go that far, at least not until Shadowboy reacts to this with a chuckle instead of wide-eyed horror, but in the meantime I can dream.

This month I think I’ll do a series on handmade spooky tree ornaments. Obviously, you can adapt these to the more traditional color palette if you really have to, but if that’s your gig you may be barking up the wrong blog.

Let’s start with an easy one that actually has a little bit of mainstream credibility: The Christmas Spider.

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