The Art of Darkness


March 11th, 2008 by Cobwebs

The Easter Bunny is going to be hopping along the bunny trail a couple of weeks from now, and you know what that means?

Yeah, rabbit stew. But what else?

That’s right! Monster eggs! The Shadowfamilia has a long tradition of spooking up our Easter eggs, which is fun and makes the relatives nervous. Come…join us!

You will need:

  • Wax crayons; the color doesn’t really matter since you’ll be wiping it off anyway. A color that contrasts with the egg color is nice, since then you can see what you’re drawing.

  • Paper towels or old rags

  • Egg dyes

  • Slotted spoon or coathanger bent in a loop

  • Cooking oil (optional)

  • Hard-boiled eggs (duh)

Use the crayon to draw a pattern on an egg, making sure that the lines are nice and heavy. We like to draw Frankenstein stitching, vampire fangs, or ghoulish faces; think pumpkin carving, only smaller and eggier.

Put egg in dye and let sit for a while. It’s preferable to use a dark color for this step, since you’ll be dipping the egg in another color later.

Remove with slotted spoon, pat dry, and place in a 200F oven for a few minutes until the wax is melted.

Wipe off the wax and dip into a lighter color of dye to fill in the pattern where the wax was. Fish out and pat dry.

If desired, use cooking oil to polish up the finished eggs.

Green eggs with yellow stitching, black eggs with white fangs, yellow zombie eggs, red eggs with horns (those would be deviled eggs)…the possibilities are legion.

Sure, you could use the same method to draw pretty flowers and butterflies, but why would you?

Ooh! Doing a search on “scary Easter egg” turned up these and these. How adorable!

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