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I Find This Vaguely Depressing

May 27th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Fright NightDreamWorks is going to remake Fright Night.

They promise that the new version will keep the “comedy-horror tone,” and as nearly as I can tell it’s pretty much going to be the same movie but with updated special effects. I really can’t imagine anyone capably filling Chris Sarandon’s or Roddy McDowell’s shoes, and rather doubt that shiny CGI effects will make up for their absence.

I vote that we immediately institute some sort of official review panel that has to approve any potential remake of a movie before production can begin. And if they’re presented with some kind of wacky “reimagining” of a much-beloved film, they’re allowed to slap the writers.

(Bonus Update: I find this really, really depressing.)

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