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A Question for the Hive Mind

August 11th, 2009 by Cobwebs

A reader wrote me with a question about her upcoming Halloween wedding. I gave her a few suggestions, but figured I’d ask my wonderful and creative readers for their ideas as well.

Shauna asks:

My fiance and I are planning to get married October 23, 2010. We are planning on having a traditional nonreligious ceremony and a halloween themed reception. Our idea is to have a haunted house feel for our reception complete with the guest changing into costumes during cocktail hour. I am going to have a bit of trouble though. The colors. My fiance and I are having pink and green [like a rose petal pink and clover green] for the ceremony. Now, I know nothing of planning a wedding but I’m hoping its not going to be too tough trying to incorporate pink and green into a haunted house theme. As crazy as this may sound, it is important to us that we do have pink and green as the colors [I wanted black and orange but we decided on pink and green because we always invisioned those being our colors.] I was just wondering if maybe you had any suggestions as to how we could use pink and green in our haunted house theme. I’m very open to suggestions and I’m not trying to make the who reception in pink and green but I do want the colors some how incorporated.

What do you think? How would you incorporate some very non-haunty colors into a haunted reception?

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