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New Music – Halloween Ambient

August 7th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Ambient Halloween Album CoverMusician Ken Elkinson specializes in “solo piano and ambient” music. He just dropped me a line about his newest project, an all-Halloween album called Halloween Ambient. He notes that he got the germ of the idea when one of his children said, “Daddy you should make Halloween music,” which made him think about how much he loved the holiday.

I then thought about the annual Halloween costume contest at my day job…about how I won so many times, that they actually cancelled the contest last year because they did not want me winning again. Then I realized how much I love Halloween, so much that even with the costume contest cancelled I still showed up at work dressed as Richard Simmons. I should add 100% accurately dressed as Richard Simmons down to the sheer pantyhose, even as no one else bothered to come in costume.

Awright, Ken! Way to represent!

He states that he tried to make the music “haunting and minimalistic without being overly cheesy.” The album has just dropped and is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, and other major digital music stores. If you want a physical CD, they can be purchased through his site.

He’s also kindly offered a free track for my readers to download. This track is called “Cauldron,” and it has a wonderfully ethereal quality. Download it here.

This is lovely stuff, and would be perfect as background music that’s thematic without being intrusive. It’d also make a nice gift, particularly for people who aren’t quite sure what to make of one’s Halloween obsession (and here I’m thinking of my mother-in-law) since it nicely fits the spirit of the holiday without being overly weird.

Incidentally, he’s got a number of other albums (including two other holiday-themed ones: Christmas and Chanukah), so if you like his Halloween stuff check out the rest of his music as well.

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