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July 2nd, 2014 by Cobwebs

Cookie Monster

Artist Christine McConnell posted a series of cookie monsters to drool over (and, as someone on the original Reddit thread put it, “to make the rest of us feel inadequate”).

I have to agree with that latter sentiment; her caption under the photo above was, “I decided to try making homemade waffle cones; Then this sorta happened…” How does something like this just “sorta happen?”

The photo series has some amazing stuff, including a 3D sugar-cookie facehugger, a Danzig birthday cake, and a cake for a Voodoo-themed party with a snake on top: The snake’s forked tongue is a double-wicked birthday candle that she made herself. Why yes, I am feeling inadequate, thanks.

One of her creations is 3D tarantula cookies: Shortbread glued together with caramel, covered in chocolate, then dusted with toasted-coconut “hair.” I think the legs would be a little tricky and prone to breakage, but the bodies are comprised of fairly simple forms: A roughly egg-shaped abdomen, crimped oval thorax, and two small teardrops of dough pressed together for the head/fangs. Those might be manageable even by Muggles, and if the legs are too brittle to work with they could be replaced with something like pipe cleaners; the main part of the cookie would still be edible.

The fanged flowers in the photo above are probably do-able too, albeit a bit of work. The “heads” are strawberries with the stems carefully cut out in a V shape, then painted with chocolate and given little icing fangs. The tentacles are most likely modeling chocolate. The rest seems to be primarily cake-crumb “dirt” and icing details. It’d probably take most of an afternoon to put together, but it’d be a heck of a centerpiece (and also fun to bring to a company pot luck). Individual flowers would be fantastic decorations for cupcakes, too.

As commenter gluon said in the thread: “Finally, a diet that works. I’m too scared to eat any of this.”

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