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Zounds! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps

August 10th, 2015 by Cobwebs

A commenter once asked how I manage to find all of the stuff for these link dumps. I believe that the most succinct answer is, “Because I spend too damn much time online.”

Andrew Eldritch Interview – A “classic interview” which claims to be the source of all the Sisters of Mercy goth jokes.

The Birthday Skeleton – This comic about a Tooth Fairy-esque nocturnal visitor is sublime. (via Pixel Pixie)

Thick and Thin Designs – Etsy shop specializing in reusable acrylic cupcake toppers, such as ravens, zombies, and tentacles.

Death in the Afternoon – Ernest Hemingway’s absinthe cocktail. (The article is a little old; “real” absinthe is now legal in the U.S.)

3Doodler – This is pretty neat. It’s a pen which lets you “draw” 3D shapes using heated plastic filaments.

The Ash – Lovely digital photo that appears to be burning roses. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Ten Epic DIY Halloween Decorations – This site and I have a difference of opinion on what qualifies as “epic,” but the snake wreath is cute.

Funko Munsters Figures – Funko is adding vinyl figures of Herman, Lily, Eddie, and Grandpa to its Pop! line.

Geek Chic Wedding – Some really cute wedding details, including lots of Harry Potter stuff. I particularly like the dragon “hoarding” the wedding cake.

Snakes Invade Great Moments in Art History – Series of paintings which add snakes to various classic works of art. I think “The Birth Of Snake Venus” is my favorite.

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