The Art of Darkness


November 17th, 2015 by Cobwebs

CatloafUK confectioner Lou Lou P’s Delights recently decided to take the common feline paws-tucked-under “catloaf” pose and turn it into the real thing. The result was this sleepy mama cat and her yeasty litter of kittens, which would be reasonably easy to re-create at home.

She recommends using Donna Currie’s recipe for Bunny Bread, which produces a dough that’s easy to shape, but any recipe which results in a fairly stiff dough should work. You could try a black bread recipe if you wanted a darker-colored cat.

She doesn’t supply instructions for shaping, but it looks to me like the general method would be to take slightly less than 1/3 of the dough and set it aside. Form the remaining dough into an egg shape, and flatten the narrower end. Shape the other piece of dough into a ball and press it onto the flattened part of the egg to make the head (I think you could probably brush the flat bit with a little beaten egg to ensure that everything sticks together). Pinch up triangular bits on the top to make ears (it might help to use a razor blade or a baker’s lame to cut shallow triangles into the dough); be careful not to make them too thin or they’ll burn before the rest of the bread is done. Optionally, make slashes on the front of the head to form whiskers; you could paint them on later too.

After baking, use food-safe decorating pens to draw features. The big cat would be a nice centerpiece loaf and the kittens are perfect for dinner rolls.

Be sure to check out the rest of Lou Lou P’s feed (just Facebook, unfortunately); she has all kinds of macabre creations. She apparently sells a few downloadable tutorials as well, like these spider cupcake toppers. My favorite comment, from a visitor to her page: “Did you make a Voldemort-au-vent or was that just an awesome dream that I had?” I don’t even know what those would look like, but I may have to try to make some.

(via Geyser of Awesome)

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