The Art of Darkness

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May 17th, 2017 by Cobwebs

If I had a time machine I’d go and hide in the future and jump out and scare everyone when they arrive.

The mortal dipped the quill in his blood, and paused. “What do you need souls for, anyway?”
The demon hesitated. “Company. We get lonely.”

On average, a human will swallow 20 spiders in their sleep, yet no one seems interested in finding out who is putting spiders in your mouth.

Old people that say tattoos are a waste of money: You have entire cabinets dedicated to plates that no one is allowed to use.

My body is a temple. It’s full of traps and an ancient, unspeakable curse.

Parents aren’t scared of Haunted Hayrides-we’re used to sticky people jumping out of the dark while yelling & poking us with weird objects.

Story about a guy tormented by visions of the dead, but he never notices, because he’s always looking at his phone

The Wizard of Oz may not have been a very good wizard, but he was able to make a fully functional 3D hologram with early 1900’s technology.

You know that tattoo you sometimes see of cobwebs on the elbows… What are they trying to say? That they rarely dust their elbows?

Full moon is over. It’s okay. I was vaccinated against it. I don’t change anymore. That’s good.
I’m good.
But sometimes I miss being human.

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