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The Link Dump and the Carpenter

January 18th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Why Snowpiercer is a sequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – This makes a weird amount of sense.

Fantasy Tumblr Would be Fucking Insufferable – An amusing thread.

DRAGULA: Season One Premiere – A search for “the world’s first drag supermonster.” (Hat tip to Bruno Bruno’s boyfriend)

Snowmen – An entry in Bogleech’s “Halloween Bestiary.” (Links to previous entries are at the bottom of the post.)

A Gift Giving Guide for Your Dark Valentine – A gothy roundup.

The Mended Spiderweb Series – Artist Nina Katchadourian used red thread to repair torn spiderwebs. These are oddly lovely.

The PoohingThe Shining comes to the 100 Acre Woods. Mildly NSFW due to cartoony nude bear portraiture, which is not a sentence I ever though I’d write. (Also see Alien vs. Pooh.)

Mehndi Cookies – Instructions for making gingerbread hands with edible “henna” tattoos.

Black Red and Poe Wedding Ideas – Although I question using “Nevermore” as a thematic element in a wedding, there are some lovely, elegant ideas here.

Bridges on the Body – Blog devoted to corsetmaking.

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