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Last of the Red Hot Link Dumps

March 15th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Taika Waititi to Write and Direct Time Bandits Series – This could be spectacular.

The Exploding Pope – This thread about the death of Pius XII is delightfully batshit.

A Specter Most Ominous – Wondermark tackles ghosts.

Disney DIY: Haunted Mansion Table Settings – A guide to re-creating the tableware in the Haunted Mansion ballroom scene. (via Shellhawk’s Nest)

Fairytale Curses – This thread makes a good point.

Absinthe Minded – A gift guide for absinthe lovers.

New Year, New Life, New House – “Gothic Martha Stewart” Trystan Bass shares photos of her amazing home makeover.

‘The Storyteller’ Reimagining In Works by Neil Gaiman, Jim Henson Co. & Fremantle – As B. Bolander so eloquently put it, “Holy shitsnacks.” I’ve written about the original Storyteller series; adding Gaiman to the mix should be amazing.

Coned Mythology – Kickstarter for enamel pins of mythical animals wearing cones of shame. The jackalope is especially delightful.

Hanna-Barbera’s ‘The Banana Splits’ to return as a horror movie – Hollywood has scraped through the bottom of the barrel and is currently digging to China.

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