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The Link Dump and Sixpence

April 15th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Cheshire Cat Pocket Watch – This is currently just a concept design, but I love the idea.

Aida on the Floating Stage – Astonishing stage design for an opera production.

Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue – A video “sneak peek” of some additions to the queue at Walt Disney World. There are all kinds of lovely little details.

Frightfully Bloody Fairy Tales – Embroidery which depicts scenes from particularly gruesome fairy tales and myths.

Reign in Purple – Portrait of Cthulhu as a prim and proper Victorian lady, taking tea. Because why not.

Ennuija Board – “I summon the spirit…meh, forget it.”

Heart in a Jar – Lovely miniature hand-blown heart in a bell jar, available as a necklace or on its own.

When It’s Not Your Turn – “The Wire” as a Dickensian serial. Huh.

Doll Haus – Art show featuring unusual nesting dolls, many on the gothy side.

Chocolate Cthulhu – Artist Paul Carrick posted a fake chocolate Cthulhu as a prank and got such an overwhelming response that now he’s going to actually make them. Pity they won’t be available to put in Easter baskets this year. (Hat tip to CJ)

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  1. xJane Says:

    I like the thought of non-euclidean anti-oxidants.

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