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Interesting Funeral Reading

April 27th, 2011 by Cobwebs

DIY CoffinBoingBoing recently mentioned this article about a man who DIY’d his father’s funeral, not only making the casket–using hardware from his father’s boyhood farmhouse was a lovely touch–but actually managing to get a permit to transport the body himself, which is a non-trivial undertaking (so to speak).

That article linked to this overview of DIY coffin-making (which itself points to additional resources), and someone in the comments linked to this cool funeral blog. It’s part of The Funeral Site, which has all kinds of information and resources, including cremation jewelry, poetry, and discussions of unusual disposal techniques. I had never heard of “water cremation” before, and it sounds like an intriguing option.

That blog points to a couple of related blogs, Grave Matters (which focuses on environmentally-friendly burials) and Final Embrace (which seems more geared toward members of the funeral industry).


If you’re in the mood for a bit of funereal reading material, there’s some interesting stuff to be found amongst those links.

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  1. GhoulishCop Says:

    I gotta ask…who reads a funeral blog?! I thought the “My Funeral” tab was great. Yes, we should all have a plan, but it still seems rather…odd.


  2. xJane Says:

    Water cremation sounds awesome! There are a lot of things wrong with …fire?… cremation although I’ve often thought it’s been one of the best real options (sky-burial, though romantic, is generally only allowed to the most holy of Tibetan monks; burial-at-sea is usually only allowed if you die-a-t-sea; I did read somewhere about freeze drying yourself and then being used as fertilizer, but I don’t think you can do that without a permit in most States), so I’m glad to know about this. I find it interesting that the Catholic church has given it the thumbs-up (which it never did with fire cremation) due to the process, although the result is the same.

    …do I think about this more than the average 30 year old?

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