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This Year’s Costumes

October 1st, 2008 by Cobwebs

Shadaughter and ShadowboyI’ve previously mentioned that I tend to go overboard where Halloween costumes are concerned. (Where everything else is concerned too, actually; my family’s motto is, “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth overdoing.) This year, however, even I think I may have gone too far.

Oh, it started innocently enough; I dug this pattern out of my stash a few months ago and decided to make this princess costume for a friend’s niece. I figured I could dress Shadowboy as Robin Hood or a knight or something and let them trick-or-treat as a couple.

But then Shadaughter started watching The Tudors on cable and decided that she wanted one of those fancy dresses. In a moment of weakness I agreed to make this one, which resulted in this.

So then I thought, “I know! I’ll make Shadowboy into Henry VIII!”

I have instructed my family that, should I make such a pronouncement in the future, I am to be slapped until I change my mind.

Tudor costume patterns sized for four-year-olds are not exactly easy to find, so I eventually wound up improvising. I cut this pattern off short and made it into a tunic. Then I lengthened a square-bottomed vest pattern and added puffy sleeves and fur trim, turning it into a surcoat. The only thing I was able to use an actual pattern for was the hat, which was adult-sized and just had to be cut down a whole lot. The preceding paragraph makes the whole process sound a hell of a lot easier than it actually was.

The final result was this. (The scan’s a bit dark, so here’s another pose.)

I’m very pleased with the results, but I need to find an easier hobby.

p.s. – Here are a couple of additional shots, because I feel like showing off:
Shadowboy the Eighth and his Queen
Shadaughter and Shadowboy (this one just kills me dead)

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  1. xJane Says:

    O.M.G. that is tres awesome! I’m jealous & wish I had the time/inclination to pull off costumes like that. I just bought my husband a whip (he’s already got the fedora & coat). Now I’m trying to cobble together an outfit to be Indiana Jane or some sidekick…

  2. alejna Says:

    Wow. Those are amazing. (It really amused me that the pattern for Shadowgirl’s dress is from “Simplicity.” The word seems somehow incongrous…)

    I like to cobble together costumes, but I may break down and buy a pre-fab bunny for my daughter. I’m so ashamed. (Did you see the squirrel I put together last year? I was proud of that one.) But I do think I can swing making a carrot for the baby.

  3. Kitten Herder Says:

    Awesome job. And … you are nuts! :)

  4. Pamela Says:

    Ahem…gorgeous…all of them. Awesome.

  5. sari Says:

    I’m very impressed!

  6. JaniceMars Says:

    What a hoot and what great costumes. This should not be a hobby … this should be a career.

    You know, there should be a way to write some kind of software to alter these patterns. It’s just the pattern printer that might be pricey. Ooooh. Goth Knit …. just saw that. Later.

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