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“Fright Night” Trailer

May 30th, 2011 by Cobwebs

I have a soft spot in my heart for the original Fright Night (Chris Sarandon, rowr), so I’m approaching the remake with some trepidation. It looks like they’re sticking fairly close to the original material, only removing the camp and making it more of a straight-up horror movie.

We’ll see….

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  1. Beans Says:

    Huh. I have a soft spot for the original too although the main character in it did bug me a bit.

  2. Mim Says:

    I’ve been dubious about this from the start because I like the original. Husband was horrified to learn it was being remade. I’ll still watch, it, though.

  3. Empress Pam Says:

    Chris Sarandon indeed…a remake will be a train wreck. I’m so upset I need to find some chocolate.

  4. xJane Says:

    I kinda think it might be worth it just for the scene with, “That is a terrible vampire name. …Jerry?!” Also I love the Actor Who Plays Annoying But Ultimately Correct And Therefore More Annoying Geeks. So there’s there.

  5. xJane Says:

    ^ “that.” There’s that.

  6. jeanne e. Says:

    i agree…chris sarandon. rowr. esp in those sweaters… hehehe… i will keep an open mind, but only because i heard david tennant is in it and i so loved him in doctor who.

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