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Again with the Boney Bunch

June 16th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Boney Bunch CoupleThe subtitle of this post is, “Yankee Candle is a bunch of lying weasels.”

The Boney Bunch is a fantastically popular collection of skeletal candles and accessories, and last year Yankee Candle claimed that they were going to go out on a high note and discontinue the line after the 2010 offering.

Loyal commenter wildeprose occasionally provides updates on the old thread, and recently alerted us thusly:

HELLO ALL!!!!! We are fast approaching 2011 Halloween season @ Yankee!!!! I haven’t had access to online in a couple weeks so I wasnt able to come here and mention as soon as I heard!!!!!
GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?! Boney Bunch IS going to be back again!!!! I know I had mentioned last year that it was going to be the last year…..HOWEVER, as I also mentioned that the company has begun to be VERY sneaky with this collection!!!! It has been SUCH A CRAZE!!!!! SOOO yes, they tricked me as well!!!! But guess what?!?!?! They tricked the employees as well…they just wanted everyone to realize the limited amounts of the collections that come out each year….and to create a BUZZ!!!!!
I havent quite heard much about them this year, but will be hearing very soon some details!!! As in the past I will give the info as soon as I get it…and based on the past couple years, I have been getting the info before anyone yet!!!!!!

and followed up with:

Hello All!
They are being VERY SNEAKY even now! The stores that have been saying when the “Halloween Preview Party” was going to be are now being elusive! I should be hearing some info VERY SOON! It has trended that I get info about the pieces the first week of July! BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

So apparently they were just funnin’ us on the whole discontinued-product thing in an effort to drive up demand. Huh.

On the plus side, the series is cute and as long as you’re not suckered into spending too much (particularly for sold-out pieces on eBay; woof) they’re a nice option for a gothy wedding or housewarming gift.

Thanks to wildprose for keeping us in the loop!

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  1. GhoulishCop Says:

    Companies really risk damaging their reputation when they lie like this. “We told you it was limited so we could make more money, but really we’re going to be making lots and lots of them!”

    Next time out when they do something like this, the response may not be what they hoped.

    I become immediately suspect about companies that lie to their customers. If they’re lying about this, what else might they be lying about.

    Since Yankee Candle is a privately held company there’s not much to do other than NOT buy the candles. A publicly traded one would provide more options.


  2. Amanda Says:

    I’m so excited!! Less than a month and a half now.
    The past couple of years they put them up on the website a few days before the in-store launch party. It’s best to check every day starting August 1st or so. They sell out of the most popular pieces QUICK!

  3. wildeprose Says:

    HEY ALL!!!!!!
    Mwahahahahaha! I have a couple little details about Boney Bunch 2011!!!!! Should I tell you now, or should I just rattle on about having details??? I dont know….hmmmm….LOL!
    Anyway, this year, as mentioned before, they are bringing Boney Bunch back. As of right now, my sources tell me that the “Halloween Party” will be on Saturday August 6th! Usually the stores will open roughly an hour or two early for the party…be aware of your local stores! Also, as in the past, they usually put it online roughly 4 or 5 days before it hits the stores, so look online as well!
    From what I hear, the ONLY piece that they have leaked is……GRIM REAPER! Yes, there will be a “Boney” Grim Reaper!
    The coupon that they will be sending out, or passing out in the stores has a photo of this REAPER on it, and it will be a $10 off $30 coupon (make sure to take coupons to the event!)
    Also, they will be doing a gift with purchase type of thing again this year as they did in the past. It will be either something FREE, or something like the bowl last year that they sell for really cheap at the party only!
    I am hearing that I will get news of the rest of the pcs within about a weekish, so BE ON THE LOOK OUT!!!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Boney's Biggest Fan :) Says:

    Hello!! I know that every year you’ve been the “go to” person for Boney info :) The last post was July 9th and it mentioned that you’d have news on the rest of the pieces. Any luck yet?? I’m impatiently waiting ;) Thanks so much for your hard work!! Have a wonderful day and take care :)

  5. wildeprose Says:


    Boney Bunch 2011 has made its PRIVATE debut! Again, I cannot give any more details than what I give because of privacy issues!
    This year is a bit all over the board with pcs. I do like some of the pcs, but it is not my favorite year! I will be getting probably about 6 pcs myself! Based on seeing the pcs, I would not doubt that this is the last year…..and that is just me speculating!

    OK….enough teasing! HERE WE GO!!!! GRIM REAPER…this is a Boney that is sitting next to a clock, its a votive holder,
    Grim REAPER tart burner,
    The wedding couple sitting outside a chapel, this is a tealight holder, this year’s taper holder is Bride and Groom, the Groom is Carrying the Bride over the “threshold”,
    The couple are sitting in a boat “love boat” tealight holder,wedding couple JAR TOPPER,
    wedding couple Jar Holder,
    “headless” boney bobbin for apples votive holder,
    Boney crawling out of grave with tombstone tealight,
    BONEY L.E.D. Waterglobe,
    L.E.D Boney Witch,
    Boney ELF sitting next to a present (works well with last yrs BONEY CLAUS),
    Boney Man in a horse driven wagon full of pumpkins,
    Boney Farmer,
    Boney holding chainsaw cutting a pumpkin votive holder, a Boney Dog, and a Boney Bat!!!!!!

    YES, I said all of that in one BREATH!!!!!! Again, make sure you guys find coupons to take with you to the party….there are some good ones out there!
    There will be a GIFT WITH PURCHASE at the party ONLY! It will be a small jar of witches brew!!! You only get those from 10AM-12PM at the party!!!!
    Make sure you check out the website a couple days earlier, sometimes in the past they have shown them online before they land in the stores!

  6. Amanda Says:

    Thank you!!!!

  7. grandma lise Says:

    Which six do you plan to collect?

    Oh, and are their ANY women, children, or babies this year, other than the bride of course?

    Is there any other information you can share?

    Looking forward to the video on Monday!

  8. grandma lise Says:

    I have another question… On the Yankee Candle website, there is a picture of a “boney” who is holding his head over his body. Is it a taper holder by chance? That would be awesome!

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet… On Monday, August 1st, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. – (no time zone stated) – Yankee Candle is going to give us a “first glimpse of the 2011 Boney Bunch and their friends” with a video on FaceBook…

    Hoping it will be a video similar to last year’s. Here’s a link to “The Mystery of Yankee Manor” featuring the 2010 Boney Bunch…

    It featured four murder suspects. To enter the in-store drawing, you had to watch the videos, and then check which suspect was the murderer on the entry form. It was fun. And I actually won one of the gift cards!


  9. grandma lise Says:

    Here’s the link to the Boney Bunch 2011 launch video…


  10. Jessica Says:

    I am so very excited for the boney bunch 2011. Anyone know where to get the coupons? I’m getting married this year in october, and i want to get some of the wedding ones. i have a pretty good collection know from the previous years which i display through october. any ideas for a display case for them… maybe a bookshelf. i also heard this may be the last year for them? any of this true? i heard they may be a baby boney this year too.

  11. grandma lise Says:

    Jessica, a $10 coupon is available at your local Yankee Candle store. Call to ask if they have any left. Thanks for the reminder. Heading out right now to go get another coupon before the mall closes…

    Oh, and I’ve seen the catalog. No Baby Boney’s this year, but there is a small elf that looks like a child. Definately getting that little guy.

    You can see a little more than half of the Boney Bunch by watching the video on Click on link in my August 1st post above.

    If you do a search on “Yankee Candle Facebook”, that will get you to the Yankee Candle Facebook Page. Then if you scroll down through the posts, if you can find a picture that someone posted, click on it.

    That will get you into the area where 4,000+ pictures are posted. If you click on the arrow to the right of the picture, you’ll see pictures of the Halloween catalog that includes the Boney Bunch.

    If that’s too much bother, the Boney Bunch goes online Thursday (8/4). You’ll be able to see all the pieces then at

    I’m excited too and have all of the 2008 pieces!




  12. grandma lise Says:

    Just returned from our Yankee Candle store. They received the catalogs today and had them out on the counter…my wish list just doubled…


  13. Amanda Says:

    The Boneys are online now!

  14. Wanda Says:

    Yea! Can not wait for Saturday… want to use several coupons, so i am going to the store. The store manager i spoke to at my location said she will allow up to 5 coupons to be used! Sad thing is that these are already on ebay…. seriously people, you can buy them from the yankee candle website. Maybe these people are trying to appeal to international buyers…. kinda takes the fun out of it….

  15. Debbie Says:

    There are already 2011 pieces on ebay… how can that be????

  16. grandma lise Says:

    Thanks Wanda for sharing that it’s possible to use more than one coupon. I was able to use 5 coupons today. Doing so made it possible to get the 12 Boney Bunch pieces I wanted!


  17. Cateusa Says:

    Hello All,
    As an employee of Yankee Candle, I feel that I must respond to the comments made here about the Boney Bunch. I don’t believe that the company ever said that they were going to discontinue the line. You know how rumors start…. But that line never came from us. And of course we like to create a buzz around the products, we are in business after all. The Boney Bunch is the most closely guarded secret within Yankee Candle circles throughout the year and something that employees look forward to previewing for the public. It may seem to some of you that members of staff are being illusive about the party and release date, but that is only because we honestly don’t know the exact date that far ahead of time. We also have absolutely no idea what this years pieces are going to look like until a few days, or has been the case in some years, on the day before the actual launch party! Staff are not trying to be difficult, we just don’t know the answers. Customers in our store absolutely LOVE the holloween party and the preview of the new pieces. It’s a great time for staff as well. We get to see the same customers year after year and catch up with people we only see when the Boney Bunch is released. It is, after all, just a bit of fun really. It’s only wax and ceramics.

  18. wildeprose Says:

    Hello All!!!!!
    Did everyone get the pieces they wanted??????? I know I did!!!!!!
    I have a feeling the ornaments, and the dog are gonna be the challenge this year!!!!! LOL!
    I went to the Preview Party and had so much fun talking with all the other collectors that look forward to the Boney Bunch every year! I took my son again this year, and he was SO EXCITED!!!! I also see a few of you posting in here that have been around a long time as well!!! :) Grandma Elise! HUGS!!!!
    I have to say I am not as thrilled with this year as I have been in the past. I did manage to sort out 7 pcs for my collection!!! My favs are the Dog, and the Chapel!!! And yes, I did manage to get a Bride and Groom ornament….and from what I understand I think each store only got 1 or 2!!!!
    I hope everyone has fun with their things….I cant wait to put mine out to build even more fun Halloween memories with my son!
    Catuesa, thank you so much for your input! As you can see you have a BIG following of the Boney Bunch!!!! And it is because like anything else, a source of great excitement for ALOT of people, so to some it is only wax and ceramics, to others it is a TREASURE (kind of like your treasure section) to be found!!!! That treasure may include being part of a tradition that a family makes in going to get them each year….etc….so I think it is bigger than you may be seeing! And certainly bigger than just an employee selling ceramics! :) So of course you are gonna get people to speculate and create rumors! I however do know that the employees are made aware of the parties at least a month in advance, and though may not see the pieces in person until the shipment a week or two prior, they do get to see photos of it well in advance! Up to a month from what I understand!
    All in all…..I think the company should be happy that there is buzz being created REGARDLESS! For Yankee this buzz creates profit….for their customers it creates memories! Happy Halloween ALL!!!!!!! I will come back around Halloween to see what everyone is doing with their Boney Bunch this year!!!!!!!!

  19. wildeprose Says:

    Grandma Elise….I bought:
    Rest in Pieces, Bonesy the Dog, The Wedding Chapel, Grim Reaper, Bobbin for Apples, The Bride and Groom taper, The Elf, oh….and the Bride and Groom Ornament… including the ornament, I got 8 pcs! Love them! Which ones did you get????
    I fill my entire dining room table with my pcs, and I have them from every year they have made them! :) Good to see you again!

  20. grandma lise Says:

    Wildeprose, those are all my favorites. Rest in Pieces, Bonsey, and Bobbing for Apples have all been FUN additions!

    I have all of 2008, some of 2009, and most of 2010 and 2011. I like the idea suggested on another forum to put the ornaments in and around the haunted houses.

    I’ve not been sure how to display the pirates from 2009. This year’s witch, bat, and bat clinger added to my deliema, until it occurred to me that they could be displayed as a family dressed up for the annual Halloween carnival! The bat and bat clinger pair well. They look like brothers, one bigger than the other.

    And did you see the flickering votives this year from the Creepy Crawlies collection? I got the charcoal ones with the spiders and webs. On one side, it says Trick or Treat. Am thinking about going back to get the coordinating spider lamp.

    This year, I’m going to display my pieces throughout the living room. I can hardly wait to start decorating in a few weeks!


  21. Wildeprose Says:

    Hello All! I think Ive lost my inside source at Yankee…so…it might be a challenge this year for me to find out any details! Im working on a new connection though…stay tuned!

  22. grandma lise Says:

    I read on another forum that the release date will be August 4th, but it’s a rumor until YC says it’s so…


  23. grandma lise Says:

    Oops, in reading further, I see mention of a in-store preview party on August 6th…so hard to know just yet…


  24. Jenna Says:

    Preview Pics and 8/4/12 confirmed for preview party on YC’s facebook page! I can see a boney witch, boney man candle topper, boney man, and what looks like the back end of a boney cat! They also mention that they are bringing back popular pieces for the 5th anniversary….im hoping for the hearse!

  25. Wildeprose Says:

    Hey All!!! I dont hve the connection I did in years past but I did manage to squeek out a small detail about Boney Bunch…yes, they are bringing back some older pieces…I dont know what, but I have a hunch that it will include the original Bride and Groom that so many people are selling for hundreds of dollars online! Im crossing my fingers because that is the only piece I dont have from 2008 because it was very rare and limited! Hello Grandma Lise!!! Hope youve had a good year! Hugs!!!! Cant wait for the Boney Bunch!!!

  26. J Says:

    found this on a forum….

    1. A Dog on his back, Ball reads Play dead.

    2. Cat by a top hat.

    3. Witch on a broom with a Pumpkin

    4. Sub

    5. Baby buggy

    6. Jar Holder……….Man walking dog……….tombstones all around.

    7. Man sitting on wagon with carrots.

    8. Grim Reaper in a canoe.

    9. Couple sitting at table

    10. Dead from the neck…………looks a little like LAST CALL…….but not.

    11. Tart holder man arms out hold a tart in each.

    12. Dead Eye……… the little bat from last year I think her is holding a eye
    13. Jar Topper….Boney Man coming out of the ground.

  27. Wildeprose Says:

    Yes, I saw that a couple days ago! If it is accurate, I wont be buying much this year! I tend to buy the more Victorian Gothic looking pcs in the collection so this year I will probably only buy the cat with the top hat, and the couple at the dining table…I am curious about the buggy…if its a horse drawn buggy…I may get it. I am curious why Yankee said on their facebook that they were revisiting some old when none of these are that at all. I do want to state that a very close friend of mine use to work for them…this is how I found things out in the past. I also know that the stores are required to pack up product that doesnt sell…this might be where they are getting the some idea that older pcs will be back…in which, to me would be disappointing. I will be at the preview party…and am hoping that there will be more to it than what the “leak” info gives us!!! Grandma Lise…hugs!

  28. grandma lise Says:

    We lost our inside source? Dang!

    It would be so great if they brought back the original bride and groom from 2008. I’d like to hand pick a second one for my collection. I display and use it each year but fear I’ll drop it or let the candles burn too low…

    The question in my mind is…since Ronnie Walter designed the 2008 collection – (Mark Cook designed many if not all of the 2009 – 2011 collections) – can YC bring it back?

    I’d love it if they did. And remember, there was a woman pushing a baby in a baby carriage in the 2008 collection…

    YC posted two more pictures on their Facebook page: a new black cat illumi-lid and a black metal haunted house.

    One YC FB member noted what looks like part of the dog or cat in the picture with the Skeleton Crew candlestick, bottom left corner…check it out. Sharp eyes out there!

    We probably won’t see much more. If you’re like me and need to have time to plan your purchases, here’s two options…

    Ask your store to call if they get any Halloween catalogs in that you can either see or take home – (I got one the night before the Party from our store in 2011), and remember, YC sometimes puts their Halloween pieces online up to three days before the Party.

    26 days to go…


  29. grandma lise Says:

    Well, here’s new information I hadn’t come upon before…

    An Ebay seller, kimmmypoo, has listed two Boney Bunch pieces from 2008. He writes in the listing’s description: “This is signed by Mark Cook. He is the artist and designer for the Boney Bunch line. I asked him when he signed my piece why Ronnie Walter was shown on the bottom as the designer. He said she had worked for him on other items. The tags were put on where they were made. I will be listing all the 2008 Boney Bunch, all are signed. We never got the Bride and Groom.

    Wow, if this is true, Mark Cook designed the 2008 collection too. The listing of Ronnie Walter as the designer was a mistake.

    Here’s links to the two auctions:


  30. grandma lise Says:

    Well, I just recieved what I believe to be an honest and genuine response from the seller.

    Mark Cook lives in the seller’s home state. In 2011, he attended an artist signing at a Yankee Candle store with with Mark Cook. The seller wrote “Mark had Ronnie do some work for him and those pieces were also made in China as well as the Boney Bunch. The stickers with Ronnie’s name were put on the Boney Bunch in China by mistake.”

    I can see how that could have happened. I sincerely appreciate the seller taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

    And how fun to find out after all these years that Mark Cook designed the 2008 collection too!


  31. Wildeprose Says:

    Thats awesome info Grandma Lise! I always like to know back stories and history of things! Thanks for sharing! This year I will be displaying my Boney Bunch with random Victorian antique pcs Ive collected…some pocket watches, antique photos and silhouettes, victorian opera glasses, and monocles! I also have started to collect real Victorian Halloween decorations! All of this will go well with my Bonies! Cant wait…and guess what? I think Ive gotten another hook up! I may hear some details soon!

  32. grandma lise Says:

    Can hardly wait to see pictures of your decorations this year!

    I love the victorian/vintage clothing of the Boney Bunch. Would like to see children dressed in this type of clothing, more women too, not just witches, although this year’s witch looks great.

    YC’s practice of withholding information on their Halloween collections may be fun for them, but not for me. Just give me the Halloween catalog already!

    Looking forward to those updates Wildeprose!


  33. Wildeprose Says:

    Yes! I agree…I think if I had any true complaint about the Boney Bunch is its lack of girl figurines…of course other than the bride! I think it would he cute if they did a series of the Bonies having kids and some sort of “family life”…lol! My new connection is actually friends with the old connection I had and I spoke with her the other day and she said they havent even gotten their “packets” yet! Usually around this time the store managers will get a visual merchandising packet from their corporate store which will show the pcs in detail and how the company wants them shown in the store. Since 2008 the store managers usually get their packets roughly one month before the preview party and it is released to the public! Do not let ANY store employee tell you they dont have details because that is not true! They are saying that because that is the line that the company wants them to use! I do however trust my new source and as of Friday of last week all the employees know is that the preview is the 4th, and that they are introducing new pcs as well as releasing some older pcs as a type of Anniversary type of thing! She did tell me that the packet should be coming to the any day now and that the company has been hounding them to keep it a big secret! As soon as I know…you guys will!

  34. Amanda Says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed! =)

  35. Amber Says:

    Just found this picture of the candy bowl and wanted to share.

  36. Wildeprose Says:

    Hello All! I will be seeing pictures of the Boney Bunch on Wednesday!!! I spoke to my source…there is a new baby buggy this year, it is not the 2008…its new! From what my source said to me “get ready for the anniversary, and the baby!” Lol! So, I will come back on Weds night and post all about what I see!

  37. Amanda Says:

    I can’t wait to read your report!! lol

  38. Wildeprose Says:

    Cant wait til tomorrow morning! So excited to see the new season! Also, Im gonna put this out there…I have all 4 ornaments that are rare that Id be willing to trade for a 2008 Bride and Groom! Anyone interested? ;)

  39. wildeprose Says:

    HELLO!!!! I just got back from seeing photos of the pcs for this year!!!! The leak that happened a while back was pretty accurate! I will go into detail…
    I will start with the pcs they are bringing back as the ANNIVERSARY pcs, to which my connection tells me they think they may be keeping the employees in the dark about something til the last minute…who knows!

    Anniversary Pcs:

    The Tart Organ Player

    The Proposal

    The Wedding Couple in Car

    The Couple in the Boat

    The Couple Eating Wedding Cake

    The NEW pcs:

    BABY CARRIAGE: This pc is simply a black baby buggy that looks sort of Victorian, it has a little baby Boney poking his head out of the buggy. There is not a Boney pushing the buggy. This pc is a tealight holder.

    BONEY CAT: Cat is sitting next to a Victorian style top hat, it is a tealight holder.

    BONEY DOG: Dog rolled over on back next to a pumpkin that says PLAY DEAD. This is a votive holder.

    BONEY JAR HOLDER: This is a boney man sitting in a graveyard.

    BONEY SUBMARINE: This is a Black and orange submarine with a boney man sitting on it….this is a votive holder.

    BONEY STAGECOACH: This is a sort of Victorian style stagecoach wagon being pulled by a horse. It has a little boney man sitting on the carriage driving it….This is a multi tealight holder.

    GRIM REAPER ON BOAT: This is a small Grim Reaper rowing a boat…this is a tealight holder.

    BONEYMAN JAR TOPPER: Its a boney man crawling out of a grave.

    BONEY HEAD VOTIVE HOLDER: This is a big boney mans head sitting next to a votive cup.

    BONEY TART BURNER: This is a big boney guy holding 2 pumpkins that are for the tarts hanging above 2 pumpkins you put tealights in.

    BONEY TOASTING: This is a couple sitting at a small table toasting champagne. There is a tealight that sits on the top of the table.

    BONEYWITCH: This is a Boney style witch that sits next to a pumpkin which is a votive holder.

    I also heard there may be a couple random things like more ornaments, and or little random boney accessories. They are doing a give away at the preview party from 10 to 12, and also a candy bowl for $10 with purchase.

    OK….my opinion of the pcs? I LOVE the Boney Bunch, but I think that Yankee has had this thing for doing random pcs instead of making a sort of cohesive look. The Submarine makes no sense to me. Then again, there have been pcs in the past that didnt make sense to me either…to each their own! :)
    The pcs are very cute as usual…I personally will be buying THE CAT, THE DOG, THE STAGECOACH, THE WITCH, THE COUPLE TOASTING, THE BABY CARRIAGE.

    Im a little disappointed to see that Yankee didnt make an effort to bring back the original 2008 Bride and Groom, knowing there is such a frenzy over it. Personally, because I know what the demand was, I find it a slap in the face that they brought back pcs that were not all that difficult to get from the get go, knowing that people are holding them hostage for 600 to 800 bux on EBAY. Then again, there could be surprises in store!


    If I hear anything else…I will make mention!

  40. wildeprose Says:

    ATTENTION! The ORGAN TART BURNER is listed on EBAY and selling for upward of 200 bux….and people are bidding on it…there is no need for people to buy it off EBAY! This is one of the pcs they are rereleasing this year and it will only be 29.99 at the store!!!! DO NOT BID ON EBAY!

  41. Amanda Says:

    Thank you soooo much!

  42. grandma lise Says:

    Well done Wildeprose!

    The submarine really threw me too – (as did the witch and bat children for a while last year).

    I’m thinking pirate cave…the sub is sneaking up on the pirates…oh and the reaper in the row boat could be trailing the sub…[giggle]!

    Really looking forward to seeing these pieces, particularly the baby buggy and the stage coach!

    Okay, I’m off to go begging for birthday money now…


  43. Wildeprose Says:

    The baby buggy is absolutely adorable! Its actually one of my fav pcs from the new year! Id say my favs are the buggy, the stagecoach, and the couple toasting. We dont have much longer til the preview party! Amanda…what pcs are you interested in???

  44. Wildeprose Says:

    Im thinking the cat is gonna be a limited piece, and the stagecoach. From what I hear, the Anniversary pcs are gonna be limited run as well!

  45. Amanda Says:

    I’m looking forward to the organ tart warmer and wedding car since I wasn’t able to get those in ’09. As for the new pieces, I’m excited for the stagecoach, baby buggy and the double tart warmer (which sounds expensive lol,) and, unlike everyone else I’m also excited for the sub because my husband is a submariner in the navy =)
    I have the other re-releases and I’m waiting to see the other new ones before I decide on them. Thank you again!

  46. wildeprose Says:

    Amanda, The double tart burner is basically a Boney Man standing in the middle of a pumpkin patch, his arms are stretched out straight to the sides and he is holding a pumpkin in each hand…the pumpkins are dangling on chain and hanging over top of another pumpkin which is where the tealights are to make the tart melt. It is cute…and Im not even a collector of tarts or burners. The only tart burner I have gotten from the boney collection is the Organ Player, I use it more like a bowl for candy though. :) I wish I could show you guys photos but I cant because I dont really want any trouble! I did hear though you should be getting your catalogs soon! :)

  47. grandma lise Says:

    Wildeprose, trying not to think about the Boney Bunch…but it’s so hard not too!

    Do you recall seeing a piece referred to as “Dead Eye”? The only description we’ve been given is that it’s “like the little bat from last year [but] I think [he] is holding [an] eye”.

    It’s also been suggested that the stage coach may be a hearse…is that possible?! What do you recall seeing?


  48. Wildeprose Says:

    The dead eye pc is similar to the bat boney from last yr amd its a tealight holder. The stagecoach is a stagecoach not a hearse. They are rereleasing the couple in a car which is meant to be a hearse….

  49. grandma lise Says:

    Thanks for confirmation that it’s a stage coach, not a hearse. Initially I liked the idea of a hearse but after thinking about it, I think it would be MORE fun if there were Boney person or two in the back of the hearse. :)

    I had to check – (after a few years, I have a hard time remembering which piece is which year) – but the re-released 2009 piece is a car with luggage. It’s the 2008 piece that’s a hearse.

    Thanks for letting me know that the Dead Eye piece is a tealight.

    If anyone sees it, I’d love to hear a description!


  50. Wildeprose Says:

    Hey all! I did confirm from my source that there will be pcs that are internet only. This is not 100% but chances may be likely that the reunions pcs will be internet only. She said that there may be a few high volume stores that get them instore but just be aware! Now, she did say that if you are at the preview party they can and will order those pcs for you and waive the shipping! As I mentioned before…they are keeping even employees in the dark on some stuff! She said her store would be getting their first shipment this Wednesday (tomorrow) and will be trickling in the whole week. This year I think the stagecoach and the cat will be the most limited and based on my guesses previous yrs Ive been spot on!

  51. Amanda Says:

    Thank you for the info! I’m glad that it’s online only and not the other way around like with the ornaments. We’re stationed in Japan so I have to shop online and I would be sooo sad to miss out on the two ’09 pieces again!

  52. Wildeprose Says:

    Oh wow! Very cool! Ive not been to Japan yet! Yes…youll be able to get your pcs! :)

  53. Amanda Says:

    We’re in Okinawa, it’s beautiful here and I’ll be sad to leave next year. But we might be going to Connecticut, and my husband has given me leave to go to the deerfield store for next year’s Halloween preview party, so I’m definitely looking forward to that! =)

  54. grandma lise Says:

    Boney Bunch Alert!

    Three of the reissued pieces from 2009 and 2010 are online this morning and available for purchase – (follow the paths given by sanura03 below): “V/H Boney Cake, $19.99, Item #1196739”; “V/H Wedding Car (C), $19.99, Item #1171829”; “T/B Organ (C), $24.99, Item # 1171830”.

    Also, see below for coupon code and information on how to get $10 off.


    Originally Posted by sanura03

    The organ player tart warmer, the wedding car votive holder, and the wedding cake couple votive holder are online now! You have to click on ‘candle accessories’ and then either ‘votive holders’ or ‘wax potpourri warmers’ and they’re there. I got the organ TW and the car VH, which are the two reissues that I needed! GOGOGO!!! I’m so excited I’m shaking!

    I think I might need a Boney support group lol.

    Originally Posted by ozfest43

    Very important for everyone on here ordering online to save you some money!!!!!! If you spend $25 or more, enter in the code JULY12 to take $10 off your order. I bought just the Organ Player at $24.99, added a small candle at $1.99, used the JULY12 coupon (which expires Aug.5,2012), and my order total is $16.99 before shipping.

  55. grandma lise Says:

    A fellow collector contacted Yankee Candle about the re-released pieces showing up so early online. Here’s what he learned…

    “We called Yankee Candle and they said that they were not selling any of the Boney Bunch until next week. We now have found out they were put up on the web site when they shouldn’t have been. They will be taken off today and reposted on Yankee Candle next week. They will fill the orders that are placed today only.”

    So that’s good news. Today’s orders will be honored, and they’ll be available online again next week as planned. Glad to hear it as I worried there wouldn’t be any left by next week!


  56. Amber Says:

    I received a confirmation yesterday that the anniversary pieces I ordered had shipped. Thank you for the heads up. Everyone have fun next weekend!

  57. Kathy Says:

    I dearly love the Boney Bunch and am so happy to find websites talking about them. I didn’t know any existed. I am totally addicted to BB and have so many, my husband can’t believe it..hehe.

  58. Wildeprose Says:

    Im surprised to see no new posts since the preview party…did everyone get what they wanted????

  59. Amanda Says:

    I got all of the new Bonies, the car and the organ and the moving cemetery VH, all of which I missed out on in 09. I also got the skeleton crew jar clinger, the happy halloween candle and matching illumalid, a pumpkin potion candle, the black cat TLH, the creepy crawlies small spider JH and a handful of tarts. The only thing I wanted that I didn’t get (a might be able to later?) is the black cat tart warmer. Hopefully it comes online someday! =)

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