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Neat Items from What On Earth

October 13th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Skeleton Serving ForksI find it vaguely annoying that so many of the sites which carry unusual items have patronizing names like and What On Earth.

But anyway.

There are, indeed, some unusual items to be had here. These skeleton serving forks are actual metal rather than the cheap plastic this kind of thing is usually made of.

The Skel-a-Flamingos are a cute statement in anti-kitsch, and I love this embroidered skull satchel.

Also check out their hand X-ray pendant, skeleton apron, and this amusing T-shirt. (Update: The shirt is apparently no longer available. Curses! Here’s the same one at Hot Topic.)

Ah, well. If it were mainstream, it wouldn’t be goth.

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  1. Kitten Herder Says:

    The forks are so popular (even at $50) that they sold out! I wanted to see the t-shirt, but there’s no photo. What’s it say? I love the flamingos. I may just have to order some.

  2. AmY Says:

    The flamingos are very make-able BTW…

    I got these metal ones at an end of summer clearance, spray painted them black, then painted on the skeletal parts

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