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The Anatomical Chart Company

March 6th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Here’s a resource I wanted to share: Anatomical ( sells high-quality life-size models of human bones for research and teaching, but they’re very haunt-friendly and have excellent prices. Of particular interest are their “fourth quality” bones, which have some kind of manufacturing defect (frequently nothing more than some discoloration) and are very inexpensive. I got several of their skulls a few years ago, and use them as serving bowls (the calverium comes off) for chips and candy at parties. They’d also be fun to paint–any paint that sticks to plastic should work–or adorn with faux jewels and use as decorative elements around the house.

They also sell a number of novelty items such as scale-model skeletons and anatomically-correct chocolate hearts. And although their first-class life-size skeletons are fairly pricey, they sometimes have sales and offer deep discounts; I got one a few years ago for a quarter of the list price.

Always wanted your own Yorick?* Anatomical is the place to go.

*I had a model skull in my room as a child. I’d dress it up in hats and put a nightcap on it every night. My mother really shouldn’t be surprised at how I turned out.

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