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Spidery Cake in a Jar

September 20th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Cake in a JarHow adorable is this?

i am baker has easy instructions for making individual jar cakes with spiders or spooky messages baked inside, topped off with wonderful chocolate spiderweb lids.

She piped chocolate cake batter on the inside of the jars to make the spiders, but I suspect that you could use melted chocolate as well; piping it on and then chilling for a few minutes to harden should firm it up enough that it’ll stay in place when the cake batter is poured in.

I’m particularly taken with the snug-fitting spiderweb lids. I’ve made chocolate spiderwebs by piping them onto parchment paper–they’re a cute decoration for ice cream–but I had never considered fitting the parchment over a jar to make the edges curve. The same method could be used to create spidery little toppers for all sorts of things.

These would be perfect desserts for a Halloween party. They’re easy to turn out in quantity, and they should keep, covered, for a few days if you want to make them in advance (for a grown-up dessert, add a tablespoon or so of rum, brandy, or your favorite liqueur before covering; storing them for a day or two will make them even better). They’re also kid-friendly enough that decorating the inside of the jars might be a fun party activity; take the embellished jars, pour in prepared cake batter, and present each partygoer with their individual cake (with premade lids) as a party favor at the end of the evening.

(via CRAFT)

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  1. xJane Says:

    These are super cute, but they look like the cake must be hard to get at. Maybe using jam jars for more of a cupcake?