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Halloween Game Suggestions

September 29th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Witches BrewMatthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti often reviews board- and card games on his site. He’s done a roundup of Halloween game reviews, so if you’d like to invite a few friends over for an All Hallow’s Eve gaming party, check out his recommendations.

Give me the Brain and Lord of the Fries: Light, simple, inexpensive, and funny, Give me the Brain and Lord of the Fries differ from the games above in pretty much every respect save one: Zombies remain the stars of the show. In this case, you and your undead companions are workers in a fast-food restaurant that specializes in the grisliest of fare. Both titles are fairly straightforward card games despite the theme, and each has a significant luck component (so steer clear if that’s not your thing). Still, the ease of learning and playing make these the most “family friendly” of the games on the list, and the grotesque elements of the artwork are tempered with enough humor to make them palatable to almost anyone.

Part I: Zombies
Part II: Vampires and Witches
Part III: Miscellaneous Malevolence

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