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Plant Some “Magic” Seeds

January 19th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Magic SeedsOkay, in its raw form this idea has a Christmas theme, but there’s no reason it can’t be generalized to make any season magical. It’s an adorable project to do for small children.

Over at East Coast Mommy, the Elf on the Shelf (aka Santa’s Narc) arrived for Christmas duty with a packet of “magic” tree-shaped candy sprinkles and planting instructions from Santa (on official North Pole letterhead, which I thought was a nice touch). The sprinkles were planted in a bowl of sugar and somehow grew into tree-patterned cookie lollipops overnight.

Well, there are candy sprinkles in shapes beyond numbering, and plenty of cookie cutters. A child could receive a special package from the Great Pumpkin, the Solstice Hobgoblin, or simply the Fairy in Charge of Magical Botany. They could plant anything from dinosaurs to ghosts to bugs to autumn leaves, and appropriately-shaped cookie pops (or even regular lollipops) can magically “grow” when they aren’t looking.

No need to wait until next Christmas; this is a fun and super-easy way to make any day a little more whimsical.

(Hat tip to Empress Pam)

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  1. pensive Says:

    My mother would have totally done this. I had to physically restrain her from buying one of those cake pop bakers this Christmas.

    If she sees this, I’m about to get another round of begging for grandchildren. In which case, I’ll point out that I believe in the Easter Bunny so she can make me some cake pops.

  2. xJane Says:

    pensive: I think that is the perfect plan (as in, why do you need grandchildren, just make these for me!)

    Also, the “Fairy in Charge of Magical Botany” reminded me of xmas gifts with my parents. Nothing ever came from “Santa” (that would have evidenced an astonishing lack of imagination), but from “Santa’s Little [subject]er”. So handkerchiefs came from Santa’s Little Haberdasher (expanding my vocabulary beyond my 10 years), books from Santa’s Little Librarian, &c. I think the Fairy in Charge of Magical Botany would’ve fit right in.

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