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Spooky Hot Sauce

October 27th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Hot SauceThere are a zillion hot sauces out there, so it stands to reason that a few have spooky names. If you happen to like things on the hot side, here are a few you might try.

Haunted Hot Sauce products come packed in their own little wooden coffins and include mixes such as “Undertaker’s Undead,” “Mortician’s Mold,” “Ghoul Drool,” and “Fleshfeast.”

All Hot ‘N Bottled offers “Bat’s Brew,” “Toad Sweat,” “Vampfire,” and “Pain is Good.”

eXtremefood specializes in “After Death” sauce. The main ingredient is habaneros, and the stuff also includes cayennes and pepper resin. I think you’d be better off buying a bottle, using the contents to kill weeds, and refilling the bottle with something reasonable like Tabasco. They also offer the milder Sweet Death, plus Sudden Death, Muerte Sauce, and Death Rain.

Various other brands include Devil’s Brew, Death Wish, Dia de los Muertos (with skeleton keychain!), Scorned Woman, Voodoo Juice, Widow (with a spider on the bottle), Boneyard Brew, Hell’s Inferno, Brain Damage, Bad to the Bone, Sea Witch, and Satan’s Blood, to name just a few.

The Day of the Dead is coming up soon (November 1); if you’re planning a party, pick up a few bottles of thematic hot sauce to give as favors.

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  1. Bree Says:

    Hee hee.. I live in the south-west,
    and hot sause (that’s how I prefer to say it) is a way of life here.
    So I’ll defiantly be checking these out. :)

  2. Black Pumpkin Says:

    Should check them out.
    A nice gift idea.

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