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Obscura Day

March 20th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Obscura Day LogoIntrepid reader Linda Frances sent me a link to the Art of Darkness Scavenger Hunt taking place in DC next month, commenting that from the title she’d wondered if I were involved with it. Sadly I am not, but I’m thrilled silly to find out about it.

It turns out that this event is only one of many worldwide. Obscura Day takes place on April 28 and is organized by the people behind the Atlas Obscura. It is, “an international celebration of unusual places….a day of expeditions, back room tours, & exploring hidden wonders in your own hometown.”

Planned events so far range from the scavenger hunt in DC (exploring “strange and ominous” artworks at the National Gallery) to a tour of street art in Berlin; a discussion of rare books in Boston (entitled, wonderfully, “Bound to End Badly”); a look at automata in Forres, Scotland; and a discussion of tissue preservation (called “Pickled People”) at the Museum of Human Disease in Kensington, Australia. Linda Frances herself is organizing the Evening in Jail event in Warrenton, VA.

The site has a search feature and map of events so you can find stuff in your area, and if there’s nothing near you they can help you plan something of your own. If you’ve ever wanted to lead a ghost walk around your city or organize a tour of the local funerary museum, here’s your opportunity. (Incidentally, they’re also asking for photographers to help document all of the events, so if you don’t want to gin up your own event you can volunteer to attend one and take pictures.)

(Thanks, Linda Frances!)

Edited to Add: I swear I was completely sober when I wrote this, yet I managed to misattribute the submitter throughout. I blame the elves. (Sorry, Frances!)

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  1. xJane Says:

    Great, now I have a nother reason to visit Australia.

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