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April 26th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Look from MakeupBeeLike to play with makeup? Check out MakeupBee.*

MakeupBee was created to celebrate makeup artistry, it is the community for sharing looks and discovering beauty products. Get inspired from looks created by makeup enthusiasts just like you and learn how to recreate them. Read reviews and recommendations from your favorite fellow makeup lovers around the world.

Members can post their “looks” and browse others’ ideas. There’s all sorts of inspiration, such as black glitter eye makeup, silvery lipstick, and leopard nail polish. The products used to create the effects are listed, and the members frequently link to more detailed tutorials on their blogs or YouTube channels. They also note their skin and hair coloration, skin type, and other useful information for those interested in re-creating their looks.

The site also features product reviews, and has sponsored competitions (which are interesting, but somewhat vague; the current one is “Sparkle for Prom,” and some entries are nail polish-only, some are just eyeshadow, and a few are a full makeover. I have no idea how they’d judge something like that).

If you’re looking for beauty inspiration, there are all kinds of interesting ideas here.

(Hat tip to Jessica)

*Link goes to an internal page rather than the index because the main page features an obnoxious popup insisting that you sign in or register before continuing. Boo, hiss. You don’t have to do either to just browse.

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