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May 25th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Organ Trail – Remember the old video game Oregon Trail, where everybody tended to die of dysentery? That, but with zombies.

Bug Memorials – Teensy little art-installation “sidewalk shrines” commemorating dead insects.

Tutankhamen: The Search for an Egyptian King – Interesting “grown-up” take on the Tut burial, including lots of new information. BoingBoing has a capsule review here.

Edwardian Promenade – Site devoted to all things Edwardian.

Spider Web Garden Trellis – Interesting trellis made of salvaged barbed wire.

Steampunk – Cute little Flash-based Web game with a steampunky motif. (Hat tip to Kattie)

Chemicus – Splendid china tea set shaped like laboratory equipment.

Clown Art – A roundup of the “top 100 most disturbing” clown paintings. Don’t forget the eye bleach! (NSFW)

Urban Plant Tags – These art-installation “nursery tags” for things like stop signs and streetlights are adorable.

Evil Hot Gummi Bears – Habanero-infused gummi bears. Ostensibly imbued with their evil hotness by Beelzibear, the Antipooh.

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  1. Sally Says:

    I haven’t made it past the Organ Trail link yet! LOL. I immediately had to play. I ended up having to kill off my entire group except for one who wandered off and was presumed dead, and then I came down with “green flu” after being bitten by a zombie. It was awesome. :)

  2. xJane Says:

    I like this conclusion:

    Tutankhamen may have been a topic you devoured as a child. But you don’t have to put it away now that you’ve become an adult.

    So often we force ourselves to grow up, but maybe we can still enjoy the little things in life: awe at the stars, amazement at ancient tombs, homemade blackberry pie. /deep

  3. pensive Says:

    I played Oregon Trail for HOURS on my Apple IIe. Sigh.

    Off to waste my life at this link…

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