The Art of Darkness


December 28th, 2009 by Cobwebs

TrueBlood WineThe fabulous Empress Pam recently sent me a link to the Wicked Wines site; it used to be just Vampire Wine, but they’ve branched out considerably since the last time I looked. Their TrueBlood Syrah would make a nice centerpiece for a spooky gift basket.

Start with a little coffin: Pushin’ Daisies sells inexpensive cardboard coffins in a variety of sizes. You could also scale up a papercraft pattern such as this one and fold your own. If you’re really dedicated, make one out of wood (check out the awesome wine coffins that WormyT did a while back).

Line the coffin with scarlet tissue paper, add the bottle of wine, then tuck nibbles around the sides: A sharp cheddar or creamy gouda cheese; some crackers; a bar of dark chocolate, and some spicy pumpkin cookies. Fill any empty spots with plastic spiders. Enjoy by a crackling fire with an appreciative loved one.

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