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Dia de los Muertos Flamingos

September 5th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Muerto FlamingoYou’ve probably seen the skeletal flamingo lawn ornaments that have become popular as Halloween decorations. A couple of enterprising artists have taken the next logical(?) step and tarted them up as rather wonderful Day of the Dead calavera creations.

The Paisley Moon specializes in “glamping” supplies, and apparently that includes pink skeletal flamingos wearing earrings. There’s also a whole (unrelated) Etsy store devoted to the bony birdies: muertomingos has a variety of over-the-top flamingos, including some rather nice bride and groom sets.

These are also,of course, ripe for the DIY treatment. The base flamingos are cheap (in addition to the plain skeletons there’s also a devilmingo version) and could be repainted any color you like. Sequins, decals, and fake jewels can all be glued on, and the plastic is thin enough that you can punch small holes to insert the stems of silk flowers or wire on jewelry.

Their legs are plain wire because they’re meant to be stuck in the ground, but you can make them freestanding by drilling a couple of holes in a wooden base (which can then be decorated) and inserting the legs.

These are a fun, easy way to fuse “spooky” and “tropical” and would be great decorations for a haunted luau or similar party theme.

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