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October 26th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Pretty and Poisonous Halloween Decorations – A few simple decorating ideas. I particularly like the lace-stamped candles.

Steampunkin – Tutorial for making a fantastic-looking steampunk Jack-o’-lantern.

Halloween Bell Jar – Attractive DIY decoration with lots of room for improvisation.

Shakespeare v Lovecraft – “Histrionic Heroes vs. Tentacled Terrors!!! Endless Soliloquys vs. Unnatural Silences!!! Romeo vs. Mi-Go!!! England’s Royal Beasts vs. A Shoggoth!!! The Author vs. Iambic Pentameter!!!” (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Haunted Birdhouse Village – Suggestion for turning dollar-store birdhouses into decorations. The ones in the demo are sort of plain, but there are lots of ways they could be spooked up further.

Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches – I could eat several dozen of these.

Hellraiser Nail Art – Not a terribly practical manicure, but certainly an arresting one. Also check out the same artist’s polymer clay Facehugger nail accessory and amazing Audrey II manicure.

Skull Candle Holders – DIY “glam goth” candleholders.

Alice in Steampunkland – This “inspiration board” was intended for a wedding, but there are some great ideas for any kind of party.

Knife Cake Decorations – Cute little edible daggers with which to stab cupcakes.

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  1. jeanne e. Says:

    thank you for another great link dump. i have been following your blog for quite awhile now. i don’t comment frequently (i tend to lurk), but i love your blog and enjoy my time here. :) have a great weekend!

  2. xJane Says:

    “Pretty and Poisonous […] Decorations” reminds me of this plant my mom had. In Germany, windows open all the way and they’re large windows. So if you want ventilation, you kinda have to be okay with burglars. Which is fine because there basically aren’t any. But we’re Americans and we lock shit. So, my mom got this plant, which is beautiful (and maybe you or your readers can help me out, because I think every home needs one); it’s got these brilliantly red flowers—the kind of red that you can’t focus on because it moves when it’s against the green of the plant—that are about the size of a nickel with five petals. And it has half-inch spikes. It doesn’t look cactusy, the spikes aren’t very sharp, and it’s not covered in them, it’s just kind of enough to make it look like, “You chose that as a house plant? What, did you not see the geraniums‽” And the spikes have a neurotoxin that paralyzes you.

    So: win for open windows!

    But that said, I’m totally going to make myself martinis with green food coloring and sip them out of champagne coups because I have them and never use them.

    “The next day, observe your collection of cookie cutters.”

    Also, my next party needs to have “Drink Me” tags on all the stemware.

  3. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    SQUEEEEEE! Alice in Steampunk Land!! I am obsessed with all things Alice (I even have a very extensive tattoo from thigh to foot of Pin Up Wonderland). You always find the coolest shit. I think we would be besties if we lived near each other!

  4. Terri Says:

    The Hellraiser nails!! Awesome!!

  5. Hushgirl Says:

    I saw those little knives the other day in the store & I wanted them soooo much, but sadly I am not having my Halloween party this year. :( Maybe it’s a good thing though considering our “Frankenstorm”! In retrospect though, I probably should have bought them anyway…I’m sure I could find a reason to use ’em!

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