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Madame Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow

October 17th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Madame TalbotIntrepid reader Terri dropped me a line to ask if I’d heard of Madame Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow; the name sounded vaguely familiar, so I dug around and discovered that I mentioned them briefly clear back in–yikes–2007, when they were just an eBay storefront. Now they’re all growed up, and they have all kinds of awesome stuff.

They’ve got posters with that weird overly-detailed vibe often seen in vintage illustrations, one-of-a-kind curio exhibits such as a collection of antique poison labels, vintage memento mori that range from coffins to pauper’s burial suits, and that’s just in the first row of links. Clicking around the site is like wandering through your elderly aunt’s attic…the one with the mysterious past and troubling interest in dead things. It’s really quite awesome.

They also buy weird stuff, so if you have “odd and strange curio items and artifacts such as circus sideshow, carnival, Houdini, dime museum, macabre curiosities, Egyptian mummies, Egyptian artifacts, antique real human shrunken heads, old trophy skulls and other human relics, Medieval to 19th century torture devices, chastity belts, and folk art, strange carvings,” or any of the other things mentioned in the site’s rather long list, they might take it off your hands. I particularly love their, “Free identification of Material. Discretion is assured.” note, as well as the information that if you’re selling an entire collection you should call and ask for “Lucky.” It’s all so…clandestine.

The holidays are coming, so if you’ve got a special morbid someone on your list (or just want to augment your own wish list), check this place out.

(Thanks, Terri!)

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