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Emergent Glassworks

March 21st, 2013 by Cobwebs

Octopus Hair StickThis is the most adorably winsome little octopus I have ever seen and I desperately want a real one so I can cuddle it.

Etsy shop Emergent Glassworks creates all kinds of lovely glass jewelry, much of it on the spooky side: Eyeballs and carnivorous plants and mushrooms (or toadstools) and lots and lots of octopi. Octopodes. Octopuce. Whatever.

They’re available in an astonishing range of colors, as hairsticks or pendants, and you can even get matching tentacle earrings. The shop isn’t currently accepting custom orders, which is a pity, because I bet they could turn out some fantastic eldritch horrors. Still, the li’l octopi are reasonably Cthulhoid if you squint, and they so clearly want to be friends with you.

(via EPBOT)

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